Gua Sha

Profound therapy beyond beauty fads

While the American public has recently become enamored with Gua Sha for its prowess in facial rejuvenation, this practice roots in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). At Nature's Gift Acupuncture, we prioritize the authentic TCM approach to Gua Sha, ensuring unparalleled results that extend beyond surface-level benefits.

We begin by applying massage oil, followed by the careful use of a specialized stone tool to sweep over the targeted area. This method is known to melt away tension, enhance circulation, and relieve pain and inflammation. When performed in the authentic TCM manner, Gua Sha becomes exceptionally effective in addressing stubborn pains, whether they manifest in the neck, jaw, or as headaches. It is also used in concerns like thyroid nodules, breast calcifications, and breast cysts.


New Patient - Initial Acupuncture Consultation

A comprehensive session including: Review medical history, health goals, conducting TCM examination, creating a personalized treatment plan. Acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbal prescription (if needed).

90 mins


Acupuncture Follow Up 60 Mins

This is a follow-up session in which the acupuncturist evaluates the progress of your personalized treatment plan, adjusts as needed, and continues acupuncture treatment. 

60 mins


Acupuncture Follow Up 90 Mins

This follow-up session offers extended treatment time, allowing for more extensive application of Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities. It's ideal for patients desiring a comprehensive treatment covering both front and back areas.

90 mins


Gua Sha may be used within your acupuncture treatment for neck and shoulder pain or migraines - often combined with Chinese herbal medicine

Acupuncture breaks anxiety cycle

"Despite seeing a psychiatrist, taking anti-depressants, and undergoing talk therapy, my high-functioning anxiety kept me in a relentless cycle of tension, accompanied by night sweats. After introducing weekly acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies from Nature's Gift Acupuncture, I've experienced genuine relaxation for the first time in years"



Chinese herbs restore sleep

"Frustrated by unsuccessful attempts, I sought relief for my sleep troubles through acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have had issues falling asleep and staying asleep for as long as I can remember. Accustomed to lengthy waits and dismissive doctors, Qianlei was a refreshing change. Unlike my Western medical experiences, she's attentive, always accessible for questions, and most importantly, I've witnessed remarkable progress. I no longer experience sleepless nights or wake up with headaches!! Without a doubt, this journey has been life-changing, and I highly recommend Qianlei!"


Philp S

Your period's savage

"I have endometriosis and used to take 10 Ibuprofens a day during my period. I also go to ER sometimes due to my pain. I didn't need to do any of those this past period"


Tkeyah L

Solution to unexplained infertility 

"My husband and I were trying to conceive for the past year and had no success. I was beyond frustrated because all the tests were normal. I've been going to Qianlei weekly for the past three months or so, and then I got pregnant! I am 25-week pregnant now."


Shirley, C

Qianlei's method averts knee surgery

"After my meniscus surgery, persistent knee pain had me fearing a knee replacement. I turned to Qianlei in desperation. Just two months in, the pain and swelling dramatically reduced. Thanks to her, I've avoided another surgery and can move freely again."


Mary, R

instant migraine relief

"I went in with a migraine and left without one. You are such a lifesaver."


Amy D

Alleviating Pain and Balancing Hormones

"Qianlei is an incredibly skilled, compassionate, and intuitive acupuncturist. I couldn't recommend her enough. I sought out her services to address chronic pain in my jaw and lower back, as well as Chinese herbal medicine for hormonal imbalance. Every treatment I left her office feeling less pain, more easeful, and feeling deeply cared for. As a result of my sessions with Qianlei, I adapted a regular herbal medicine and acupuncture routine that has helped my overall health in the long term. Thank you so much, Qianlei for your magic!"

Chronic pain

Yoojin K

hormonal imbalance

long-standing indigestion resolved

"I first started Qianlei for my back pain. Once that started feeling better, I mentioned my lifelong digestion issues to her. Honestly I wasn't hopeful that she could help me with it, but I figured why not give it a try? I used to feel loads of acid on mornings and will absolutely have sleepless night after eating a slightly big meal. After regular acupuncture and taking those daily herbal mixes, I can't believe I'm saying this... I enjoyed pizza without any drama! Haven’t felt that nasty acid in months now."


Ginny, T

Breakthrough pain relief with acupuncture

I was experiencing arthritic pain in the right thumb and wrist. The traditional Doctor did not promise much hope other than an uncertain operation or pain medication. Friends of mine recommended acupuncture. I was a sceptic, not expecting much, but thought why not try it. And thanks to Qianlei, I quickly experienced improvement. I highly recommended Qianlei. She absolutely helped me.


Steven, T