In the U.S., medication and talk therapy are often the first lines of defense against mental health challenges. While these can be effective, medications sometimes come with side effects and can be challenging to discontinue. Additionally, many find it difficult to apply strategies from talk therapy in their daily lives.

Contrary to Western beliefs that compartmentalize mental health as solely a concern of the mind, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) adopts a holistic perspective. TCM recognizes the profound interconnectedness of the mind and body. Emotions not only influence physical health but can also be manifestations of underlying physical imbalances. TCM posits that merely coping with mental health symptoms doesn't equate to true healing; the root physical imbalances also need to be addressed.

At Nature's Gift Acupuncture, the transformative power of acupuncture in mental health is evident daily. Beyond the immediate relief for those grappling with anxiety, depression, and chronic stress, acupuncture has also proven to be a boon for those troubled by insomnia, allowing for restful nights and rejuvenated days.

Through precise needle placements, we harmonize the body's energy, often guiding our patients from a turbulent state of mind to a sanctuary of deep tranquility in mere moments. It's not just about addressing symptoms but restoring the body's inherent balance and serenity.

For persistent mental health conditions — be it high-functioning anxiety unresponsive to therapy and medication, an unyielding cycle of chronic depression, medication-resistant insomnia, or the insidious stress that constantly weighs on you — Chinese herbal medicine emerges as a lifesaver. Especially when taken after an acupuncture session, these herbs extend the therapeutic impact right into one's daily life. Each herbal intake can be seen as a seamless extension of the acupuncture treatment, maintaining the therapeutic trajectory. Over time, these remedies offer cumulative benefits, whether to nourish, calm, or invigorate, tailored to meet the individual's distinct needs.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), dietary choices significantly impact mental health, guided by the principle that 'blood harbors the mind.' The quality and flow of blood, influenced by our food intake, directly affect our emotional and cognitive states. Nutritious foods that promote good blood circulation and quality are believed to foster clarity, tranquility, and emotional balance. On the other hand, improper dietary habits can stagnate and diminish blood quality, potentially leading to mental fog, mood fluctuations, and other psychological disturbances.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), stress is often perceived as a disruption in the flow of liver Qi, or vital energy. When liver Qi becomes stagnant due to prolonged stress, one not only becomes more irritable and short-tempered but can also manifest various physical ailments such as menstrual pain, IBS, diminished appetite, impaired digestion, and even fibroids. Essentially, in TCM, the harmony of the liver is pivotal for overall bodily and emotional health; disruptions in its energy can manifest in diverse symptoms, both emotional and physical.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), anxiety is seen as a complex condition that intertwines both the mind and body. It seldom stands alone; its mental manifestations often carry significant physical repercussions, potentially leading to disrupted digestion, heart palpitations, night sweats, and more painful menstrual cycles. Given that anxiety often reflects deeper imbalances, TCM advises against merely masking it with interventions, whether pharmaceuticals or alternatives like CBD. The emphasis is on understanding and treating the underlying causes


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), depression is intricately understood through various factors. Often, it's linked to stagnation of liver Qi, representing a disruption in the flow of vital energy crucial for emotional well-being. In certain situations, depression can arise from underlying deficiencies, often stemming from malnourishment or inadequate rest, such as in postpartum depression. Additionally, blood stagnation, characterized by physical pain, dark purple spots on the nails, blood clots, or a darker menstrual blood color, can also play a role in depressive states. TCM, thus, provides a holistic lens, recognizing the interconnectedness of these elements in understanding and treating depression.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), insomnia is viewed not just as an isolated condition but as a symptom pointing to deeper imbalances. Like anxiety, the root causes of insomnia can vary. It might be due to liver Qi stagnation or even damp-heat, often arising from poor lifestyle choices and compromised digestion. In other cases, a deficiency in yin-energy, exacerbated by the use of stimulants like Adderall, might be the culprit. Merely relying on substances like melatonin or other sedatives to induce sleep doesn't address these underlying issues. In fact, it's in such an approach that dependencies and addictions often begin. TCM emphasizes a holistic view, aiming to rectify the foundational causes and restore the body's natural balance

Acupuncture breaks anxiety cycle

"Despite seeing a psychiatrist, taking anti-depressants, and undergoing talk therapy, my high-functioning anxiety kept me in a relentless cycle of tension, accompanied by night sweats. After introducing weekly acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies from Nature's Gift Acupuncture, I've experienced genuine relaxation for the first time in years"



Chinese herbs restore sleep

"Frustrated by unsuccessful attempts, I sought relief for my sleep troubles through acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have had issues falling asleep and staying asleep for as long as I can remember. Accustomed to lengthy waits and dismissive doctors, Qianlei was a refreshing change. Unlike my Western medical experiences, she's attentive, always accessible for questions, and most importantly, I've witnessed remarkable progress. I no longer experience sleepless nights or wake up with headaches!! Without a doubt, this journey has been life-changing, and I highly recommend Qianlei!"


Philp S

Your period's savage

"I have endometriosis and used to take 10 Ibuprofens a day during my period. I also go to ER sometimes due to my pain. I didn't need to do any of those this past period"


Tkeyah L

Solution to unexplained infertility 

"My husband and I were trying to conceive for the past year and had no success. I was beyond frustrated because all the tests were normal. I've been going to Qianlei weekly for the past three months or so, and then I got pregnant! I am 25-week pregnant now."


Shirley, C

Qianlei's method averts knee surgery

"After my meniscus surgery, persistent knee pain had me fearing a knee replacement. I turned to Qianlei in desperation. Just two months in, the pain and swelling dramatically reduced. Thanks to her, I've avoided another surgery and can move freely again."


Mary, R

instant migraine relief

"I went in with a migraine and left without one. You are such a lifesaver."


Amy D

Alleviating Pain and Balancing Hormones

"Qianlei is an incredibly skilled, compassionate, and intuitive acupuncturist. I couldn't recommend her enough. I sought out her services to address chronic pain in my jaw and lower back, as well as Chinese herbal medicine for hormonal imbalance. Every treatment I left her office feeling less pain, more easeful, and feeling deeply cared for. As a result of my sessions with Qianlei, I adapted a regular herbal medicine and acupuncture routine that has helped my overall health in the long term. Thank you so much, Qianlei for your magic!"

Chronic pain

Yoojin K

hormonal imbalance

long-standing indigestion resolved

"I first started Qianlei for my back pain. Once that started feeling better, I mentioned my lifelong digestion issues to her. Honestly I wasn't hopeful that she could help me with it, but I figured why not give it a try? I used to feel loads of acid on mornings and will absolutely have sleepless night after eating a slightly big meal. After regular acupuncture and taking those daily herbal mixes, I can't believe I'm saying this... I enjoyed pizza without any drama! Haven’t felt that nasty acid in months now."


Ginny, T

Breakthrough pain relief with acupuncture

I was experiencing arthritic pain in the right thumb and wrist. The traditional Doctor did not promise much hope other than an uncertain operation or pain medication. Friends of mine recommended acupuncture. I was a sceptic, not expecting much, but thought why not try it. And thanks to Qianlei, I quickly experienced improvement. I highly recommended Qianlei. She absolutely helped me.


Steven, T