A prevalent misconception regarding Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is its perceived limitation to treating only a select few conditions. In reality, TCM, when practiced in its authentic form, is a robust medical system capable of addressing a wide spectrum of internal medicine challenges. The essence of TCM is its holistic approach, focusing on discerning and remedying the root causes of ailments rather than just alleviating overt symptoms. This foundational principle makes TCM exceptionally adept at not only treating but also preempting health issues before they escalate. At Nature's Gift Acupuncture, we're dedicated to navigating you through the intricacies of your well-being, empowering you with a deeper understanding of your body.

Drug-Free Path to True Health

Did you know that seemingly unrelated health issues might originate from the same root imbalance? Your seasonal allergies and post-nasal drip could be due to the same root cause as eczema. You have bad digestion and poor sleep are due to the same reason a lot of the times, and your heavy period bleeding and night sweats may share the same underlying imbalance.

In contrast to biomedicine, which might focus on each issue individually and occasionally miss sub-clinical symptoms deemed "normal," TCM takes a holistic view. That feeling of bloating, constipation, or occasional nausea? They're not just fleeting inconveniences. In TCM, these are interpreted as your body's alarms, hinting at deeper imbalances. By connecting these dots, TCM offers insights and treatments that address the core of the problem, not just the symptoms.


Acupuncture is great for internal health problems. It can help improve digestion, especially when you're stressed, and quickly ease acid reflux. Some people even notice less bloating after just one session. It can also treat issues like rashes after pregnancy and can help lower high blood pressure if done regularly. Acupuncture is a flexible way to address many health issues.

Chinese herbs are great at treating chronic internal conditions. From persistent heartburn to long-term constipation, you will find relief. For stomach ulcers, there are herbs that aid tissue repair and minimize inflammation. For those whose blood pressure consistently reads above 135/85 or need to lower cholesterol, tailored herbal formulas offer cardiovascular support. And in instances of gallstones, certain herbs can gradually dissolve them.

Dietary choice plays a pivotal role in treating various health issues. Digestive problems, for example, often benefit from foods that TCM identifies as easy to digest. Surprisingly, many foods conventionally labeled as 'healthy' may aggravate certain conditions. Salads, while generally nutritious, might exacerbate issues like bloating and loose stools. Similarly, seafood and alcohol, despite their benefits in moderation, can irritate chronic skin conditions until they're brought to a stable state. Through the lens of TCM, dietary choices become therapeutic interventions,

GI disorder

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) delves deeper into gastrointestinal disorders through its unique pattern diagnosis system. This means that while two people might exhibit similar symptoms, such as bloating, their TCM diagnoses—and thus their treatments—could differ based on underlying imbalances. Some of the most prevalent patterns include energy (or "qi") deficiency, dampness accumulation, and liver qi stagnation. y accurately pinpointing these distinct patterns, TCM tailors treatments to the precise needs of the individual, aligning interventions with the body's natural drive to regain homeostasis. This adaptive approach addresses a spectrum of issues, from seemingly minor symptoms like unexplained bloating and constipation, to more acute conditions like stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), leaky gut, SIBO, and intestinal metaplasia .


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a unique perspective on allergies, often linking them to compromised digestion and a weakened defense system. This is especially relevant for those who develop allergies over time due to certain lifestyle factors, such as the regular consumption of iced cold drinks. Conventional treatments, including antihistamines, steroid nasal sprays, or allergy shots, may provide temporary relief, but they often come with side effects, notably drying out the body. Over-reliance on these medications can weaken the immune system in the long run. Moreover, constantly avoiding allergens isn't just inconvenient—it can significantly reduce one's quality of life. TCM aims to tackle the root causes and bolster the body's defense system, with the hopeful outcome of diminishing or even eliminating the need for allergy medications.

Eczema / Hives

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) provides an insightful approach to skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and hives. Conventional medications often aim to suppress the symptoms, akin to quelling hunger rather than addressing its root cause; over time, this can lead to the condition rebounding with greater intensity, prompting increased medication dosages. It's not uncommon for some to consume antihistamines as if they were routine candy. In contrast, TCM undertakes a pattern diagnosis, recognizing that these skin issues can arise from poor digestion, dampness accumulation, high stress, liver qi stagnation, or systemic inflammation. Through TCM, targeted pathways are identified to expel the underlying pathogen, be it through improved urine output, bowel movement, or enhanced digestive function. Diet is also crucial in treating chronic skin disorders.

High blood pressure 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), hypertension is approached first through pattern diagnosis to understand its root cause. If the high blood pressure is derived from anger and emotional disturbances, TCM works on balancing both the emotional aspects and the physical manifestation of elevated blood pressure. When linked to overweight or high cholesterol, TCM focuses on improving digestion and enhancing blood circulation. This multifaceted approach ensures that blood pressure is not just artificially suppressed but is naturally regulated, with overall health seeing concurrent improvement.

Low blood pressure 

In biomedicine, low blood pressure is often deemed sub-clinical and typically isn't addressed unless it drops to significantly low levels. Yet, those with lowered pressure can experience fatigue, chest tightness, dizziness, and lightheadedness. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) interprets this condition as a deficiency in the body's energy, which can also manifest as headaches, allergies, or disturbed sleep. Instead of merely trying to elevate blood pressure, TCM aims to nourish and rejuvenate the body's inherent energy.

High Cholesterol

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views high cholesterol as a result of compromised digestion and suboptimal blood circulation, often exacerbated by dietary choices and overconsumption of rich, greasy foods. Some popular diets, like keto, demand robust digestive health to ensure cholesterol remains in check. TCM offers healthful herbal remedies, including specific fruits, designed to break up stagnation and bolster digestion. Contrary to common belief, medication isn't the sole solution; TCM provides natural avenues to manage and balance cholesterol levels.

Fatty liver Disease

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches fatty liver disease with a holistic perspective, viewing it not just as a localized liver issue but as an interconnected systemic concern. In TCM, the liver is believed to play a crucial role in the smooth flow of qi (energy) and blood throughout the body. Fatty liver disease, in this paradigm, can be seen as a result of stagnation in the liver's ability to ensure this flow, often exacerbated by dietary habits, stress, and other lifestyle factors. To treat it, TCM employs a combination of dietary recommendations, herbal remedies tailored to stimulate liver function and improve bile flow, and acupuncture to harmonize the liver's energy. Through these methods, TCM aims to restore the liver's balance, reducing fat accumulation and promoting overall liver health.

Gallbladder Stones

In addressing gallbladder stones, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) provides a holistic perspective that contrasts with certain biomedical views. While biomedicine often holds that gallstones without signs or symptoms don't require treatment, TCM suggests that the mere formation of a gallstone indicates an internal environment conducive to such developments. Leaving it unattended might not be a wise long-term strategy. For many, underlying issues like impaired digestion and poor blood circulation contribute to these formations. TCM, therefore, emphasizes smoothing the liver Qi, bolstering digestive function, and enhancing blood circulation as foundational to treatment. Added to this is the focus on managing stress, known to disrupt liver Qi flow. By using dietary adjustments, targeted herbal formulas, and acupuncture for the gallbladder and liver, TCM offers a comprehensive approach. Before resorting to surgery, it's worth considering a 3-month TCM regimen if your gallstone is less than 0.5 cm. 

Acupuncture breaks anxiety cycle

"Despite seeing a psychiatrist, taking anti-depressants, and undergoing talk therapy, my high-functioning anxiety kept me in a relentless cycle of tension, accompanied by night sweats. After introducing weekly acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies from Nature's Gift Acupuncture, I've experienced genuine relaxation for the first time in years"



Chinese herbs restore sleep

"Frustrated by unsuccessful attempts, I sought relief for my sleep troubles through acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have had issues falling asleep and staying asleep for as long as I can remember. Accustomed to lengthy waits and dismissive doctors, Qianlei was a refreshing change. Unlike my Western medical experiences, she's attentive, always accessible for questions, and most importantly, I've witnessed remarkable progress. I no longer experience sleepless nights or wake up with headaches!! Without a doubt, this journey has been life-changing, and I highly recommend Qianlei!"


Philp S

Your period's savage

"I have endometriosis and used to take 10 Ibuprofens a day during my period. I also go to ER sometimes due to my pain. I didn't need to do any of those this past period"


Tkeyah L

Solution to unexplained infertility 

"My husband and I were trying to conceive for the past year and had no success. I was beyond frustrated because all the tests were normal. I've been going to Qianlei weekly for the past three months or so, and then I got pregnant! I am 25-week pregnant now."


Shirley, C

Qianlei's method averts knee surgery

"After my meniscus surgery, persistent knee pain had me fearing a knee replacement. I turned to Qianlei in desperation. Just two months in, the pain and swelling dramatically reduced. Thanks to her, I've avoided another surgery and can move freely again."


Mary, R

instant migraine relief

"I went in with a migraine and left without one. You are such a lifesaver."


Amy D

Alleviating Pain and Balancing Hormones

"Qianlei is an incredibly skilled, compassionate, and intuitive acupuncturist. I couldn't recommend her enough. I sought out her services to address chronic pain in my jaw and lower back, as well as Chinese herbal medicine for hormonal imbalance. Every treatment I left her office feeling less pain, more easeful, and feeling deeply cared for. As a result of my sessions with Qianlei, I adapted a regular herbal medicine and acupuncture routine that has helped my overall health in the long term. Thank you so much, Qianlei for your magic!"

Chronic pain

Yoojin K

hormonal imbalance

long-standing indigestion resolved

"I first started Qianlei for my back pain. Once that started feeling better, I mentioned my lifelong digestion issues to her. Honestly I wasn't hopeful that she could help me with it, but I figured why not give it a try? I used to feel loads of acid on mornings and will absolutely have sleepless night after eating a slightly big meal. After regular acupuncture and taking those daily herbal mixes, I can't believe I'm saying this... I enjoyed pizza without any drama! Haven’t felt that nasty acid in months now."


Ginny, T

Breakthrough pain relief with acupuncture

I was experiencing arthritic pain in the right thumb and wrist. The traditional Doctor did not promise much hope other than an uncertain operation or pain medication. Friends of mine recommended acupuncture. I was a sceptic, not expecting much, but thought why not try it. And thanks to Qianlei, I quickly experienced improvement. I highly recommended Qianlei. She absolutely helped me.


Steven, T