Acupuncture has made waves in the U.S., and for a good reason. It's proven its worth by effectively treating pain, and people are taking notice. At Nature's Gift Acupuncture, we see the bigger picture. Pain isn’t just about a sore muscle or a headache. It slows you down, takes away precious moments with family, and can be tough on your mind too. A lot of times pain is a manifestation of underlying imbalance. In those cases we dive deeper so you don't just mage pain, but you heal.

We all feel pain differently. Maybe it's a recurring ache or perhaps it's a sharp sting that won't go away. Whatever it is, it's a cloud over your day-to-day joy. But don't lose hope. We're here to help lift that cloud, aiming to give you back those joy-filled days without pain holding you back.

Your Path to Pain-Free Living with TCM


Acupuncture, initially celebrated in the U.S. for its exceptional efficacy in pain relief, truly lives up to its reputation. Addressing headaches and migraines, it seeks to harmonize the body's energy, significantly reducing episode frequency and intensity. For musculoskeletal ailments, such as lower back and knee pain, acupuncture bolsters blood circulation while tempering inflammation, bringing immediate comfort and promoting lasting recovery. The true elegance of this age-old practice is its natural, minimally invasive method—it's not only non-addictive, but also instills a sense of profound tranquility in those who experience it.

Chinese herbal medicine is a godsend for various pain types, particularly headaches, migraines, and the elusive ocular migraine. Many individuals experiencing these often find that their lab work and tests return normal, leaving them without answers. However, TCM recognizes that some pains, especially those tied to weaknesses or stagnation in the body, aren't always reflected in conventional tests. For example, post-partum low back pain and heel pain. Such pains require a treatment that addresses the root cause, rather than merely masking symptoms. This is where Chinese herbs excel, offering compounds that work from the inside out, nurturing the body's deficiencies and balancing its energies. 

Moxibustion is a go-to treatment for pain stemming from poor circulation. It's especially effective for those types of discomfort that feel better with warmth. When combined with acupuncture, moxa is placed on the needle, sending a deep, healing heat directly into the acupuncture point. This heat then moves deeper, flowing through joints and affected areas, thereby creating more range of motion and enhancing overall circulation.

Fire cupping, a technique deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), stands out for its effectiveness in alleviating neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. Unlike the modern plastic cupping methods, fire cupping uses cups heated with actual flames, introducing therapeutic warmth to the process. This warmth, combined with the suction, enhances circulation and relaxes tense muscles. The unique blend of heat and vacuum offers a potent solution for persistent aches, setting fire cupping apart from its contemporary counterparts.

Gua sha is especially effective for addressing neck and shoulder pain. It's particularly adept at targeting small and shallow areas, such as the scalene muscles in the neck. Additionally, for back discomfort that is centralized along the spine, the precise scraping action of gua sha can provide immediate relief and promote healing by enhancing blood circulation in the targeted region


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a holistic approach to treating headaches and migraines, focusing not just on symptom relief but addressing the root cause with minimal to no side effects. In the philosophy of TCM, headaches aren’t merely isolated ailments – they're signals of an underlying imbalance within the body. While over-the-counter remedies like Tylenol or a cold pad might momentarily ease the pain, they don’t truly address the body's message indicating something is amiss. Often, these headaches and migraines coexist with other symptoms, be it menstrual irregularities, fatigue, or insomnia. TCM not only alleviates the headache but concurrently addresses associated symptoms, providing a comprehensive healing.

Neck and shoulder pain: 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) presents a comprehensive solution to neck and shoulder pain, especially when such discomfort extends to cause headaches. If therapies like massage or chiropractic offer only short-lived relief, consider the integrated approach of acupuncture. By employing distal points, TCM often achieves an immediate improvement in range of motion. Techniques like cupping and gua sha are utilized to address the core of the pain, ensuring a consistent flow of qi (energy). And for especially stubborn cases, herbal treatments come into play. Not only do these herbs promote blood flow and reduce inflammation, but they are also uniquely formulated to target and benefit the neck and shoulder area specifically, amplifying the overall healing process

low back pain:

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) adopts a comprehensive approach to treating low back pain, diving deep into its multifaceted origins and addressing more than just the evident symptoms. While sometimes the discomfort can be purely musculoskeletal, low back pain in TCM is often seen as an indicator of broader imbalances. It can be intertwined with post-partum challenges, frequent night urination, or even symptoms like ear ringing. Instead of merely addressing the pain in isolation, TCM investigates its root cause, be it an energy blockage, kidney deficiency, or another underlying imbalance. By targeting the core issue, TCM not only provides relief from the back pain but also concurrently treats associated symptoms, offering a holistic healing that restores the body's natural harmony and vitality.

knee pain:

Whether it's due to wear and tear or post-surgery discomfort, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a unique treatment approach with minimal to no side effects. The primary goal in TCM is to improve blood circulation and decrease inflammation, creating a synergistic effect when paired with exercises from physical therapy. Often, even when tests and imaging return normal results, patients still experience persistent pain. Many modern lifestyle choices, like wearing skirts or shorts in cold weather or sitting close to a chilly window, can contribute to what TCM describes as a "cold invasion" in the joints. This condition, where stagnant cold energy accumulates, often leads to discomfort. To address this, a combination of acupuncture and moxibustion is utilized. Additionally, modern techniques, such as placing a TENS unit on acupuncture needles, further enhance the stimulation, aiming for holistic relief and healing.

Acupuncture breaks anxiety cycle

"Despite seeing a psychiatrist, taking anti-depressants, and undergoing talk therapy, my high-functioning anxiety kept me in a relentless cycle of tension, accompanied by night sweats. After introducing weekly acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies from Nature's Gift Acupuncture, I've experienced genuine relaxation for the first time in years"



Chinese herbs restore sleep

"Frustrated by unsuccessful attempts, I sought relief for my sleep troubles through acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have had issues falling asleep and staying asleep for as long as I can remember. Accustomed to lengthy waits and dismissive doctors, Qianlei was a refreshing change. Unlike my Western medical experiences, she's attentive, always accessible for questions, and most importantly, I've witnessed remarkable progress. I no longer experience sleepless nights or wake up with headaches!! Without a doubt, this journey has been life-changing, and I highly recommend Qianlei!"


Philp S

Your period's savage

"I have endometriosis and used to take 10 Ibuprofens a day during my period. I also go to ER sometimes due to my pain. I didn't need to do any of those this past period"


Tkeyah L

Solution to unexplained infertility 

"My husband and I were trying to conceive for the past year and had no success. I was beyond frustrated because all the tests were normal. I've been going to Qianlei weekly for the past three months or so, and then I got pregnant! I am 25-week pregnant now."


Shirley, C

Qianlei's method averts knee surgery

"After my meniscus surgery, persistent knee pain had me fearing a knee replacement. I turned to Qianlei in desperation. Just two months in, the pain and swelling dramatically reduced. Thanks to her, I've avoided another surgery and can move freely again."


Mary, R

instant migraine relief

"I went in with a migraine and left without one. You are such a lifesaver."


Amy D

Alleviating Pain and Balancing Hormones

"Qianlei is an incredibly skilled, compassionate, and intuitive acupuncturist. I couldn't recommend her enough. I sought out her services to address chronic pain in my jaw and lower back, as well as Chinese herbal medicine for hormonal imbalance. Every treatment I left her office feeling less pain, more easeful, and feeling deeply cared for. As a result of my sessions with Qianlei, I adapted a regular herbal medicine and acupuncture routine that has helped my overall health in the long term. Thank you so much, Qianlei for your magic!"

Chronic pain

Yoojin K

hormonal imbalance

long-standing indigestion resolved

"I first started Qianlei for my back pain. Once that started feeling better, I mentioned my lifelong digestion issues to her. Honestly I wasn't hopeful that she could help me with it, but I figured why not give it a try? I used to feel loads of acid on mornings and will absolutely have sleepless night after eating a slightly big meal. After regular acupuncture and taking those daily herbal mixes, I can't believe I'm saying this... I enjoyed pizza without any drama! Haven’t felt that nasty acid in months now."


Ginny, T

Breakthrough pain relief with acupuncture

I was experiencing arthritic pain in the right thumb and wrist. The traditional Doctor did not promise much hope other than an uncertain operation or pain medication. Friends of mine recommended acupuncture. I was a sceptic, not expecting much, but thought why not try it. And thanks to Qianlei, I quickly experienced improvement. I highly recommended Qianlei. She absolutely helped me.


Steven, T