How to find the best acupuncturist in Old Town Alexandria

Are you on the hunt for an acupuncturist in Old Town Alexandria? With so many options available, it’s essential to ensure you’re choosing the right one for your needs. Here’s a guide with key questions to ask to ensure your acupuncturist is top-notch.




1.Is your acupuncturist board certified and licensed?

Being “board certified” by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) means that the acupuncturist has satisfied the requirements to present themselves as Diplomate of Acupuncture. Being “board certified” is a prerequisite for state licensure. You’re also looking for initials after their name, like “L.Ac.”

There are providers who did not complete a 3-4 year degree, practising “acupuncture” through certifications or a 3 day course. Click on this link to find out whether your acupuncturist is board certified/eligible or not:


2. Is Your Acupuncturist Traditional Chinese Medicine Trained?

Not all acupuncturists in the US are Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) trained. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) forms the foundation of acupuncture practice. You don’t want an acupuncturist that practises the white-washed version of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. A TCM-trained practitioner can offer deeper insights and personalised treatment plans tailored to your unique constitution.

One can also look on the acupuncturist’s website, to see if they mention training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, or merely acupuncture.



1. Does Your Acupuncturist Have a Holistic Approach?

Does the acupuncturist look at your body as a whole?

If you go in for neck pain, do they only look at your neck? Or do they also look at your stress level and sleep? 

If you go in for period pain, do they only tarte the pain? Or do they ask about the quality of the period, your body temperature and digestion? 

If you go in for insomnia, do they ask about your stress level, digestion, and menstruation quality?

When seeking an acupuncturist, prioritise those who adopt a holistic approach to healthcare. Rather than merely addressing isolated symptoms, a holistic practitioner considers your body as a whole system. They are able to figure out the underlying imbalances and lifestyle factors contributing to your condition.


Ask: What’s the root cause of my symptoms from a TCM’s perspective?

A TCM trained top-notched acupuncturist is able to explain the root cause of your symptoms from a TCM’s perspective. TCM looks at the root cause of your symptoms. Just like a therapist teases out an underlying incident which is causing you negative emotions. We identify the underlying imbalance in your body that is causing your symptoms.


2. Is Your Acupuncturist Proficient in Chinese Herbs?

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are both modality of TCM and are meant to go together. They will deliver fast and sustainable results. 

For certain issues, acupuncture alone can’t cut it or isn’t enough. For example, you could go to acupuncture 3-5 times a week for fertility, or you can go to acupuncture once to twice a week with daily Chinese herbal medicine intake. Or even just Chinese herbs alone can provide great results – if you find a great Chinese herbalist who specialises in this. In China, it’s almost always herbs first before acupuncture.


Ask: Do you think acupuncture is enough or does my condition need Chinese herbs?

Your acupuncturist should assess whether your condition could benefit from herbal remedies alongside acupuncture. By integrating acupuncture and Chinese herbs, practitioners can address a wider range of health concerns.


3. Is Your Acupuncturist Experienced in Treating the Conditions You have? 

There are some acupuncturists that are great at treating neck pain and anxiety but don’t know much about fertility treatments. 

Some acupuncturists that are great at treating indigestion but don’t know well about insomnia and postpartum depression. 

There are some acupuncturists that are great at treating period pain but don’t know much about liver diseases and dermatological conditions. 


Ask: Do you feel that you are the best person to help me with my issues?

You may think that every acupuncturist would say, “Of course I am the best to help you!”  However, this question can give you a lot of insight. We might be humble, but if pressed, we may state specific reasons why we are highly qualified for your particular conditions. 


4. Does Your Acupuncturist Provide Treatment Plans?

Do they communicate with you on how long a condition will take to resolve? 

Are you clear on how often you’ll need to come in? 

Do you know what problems your acupuncturist is addressing and how?

A reputable acupuncturist will explain your treatment plan in detail, including the expected duration of therapy and frequency of sessions. While precise outcomes may vary, you should have a general understanding of what to expect. 

Look for practitioners who prioritise transparency and involve you in decision-making regarding your health.


BONUS: Does Your Acupuncturist Have Experience in China?

While not a necessity, first hand experience in China can enhance an acupuncturist’s understanding and practice of TCM. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is vastly different in the US and in China. Practitioners who have studied or shadowed in China bring a deeper level of authenticity to their treatments. Will you eat Chinese food prepared by a chef who’s never trained or even been to China?



Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself once you’ve completed the first treatment.

Is your acupuncturist responsive should you have any questions? 

Are you clear what dietary or life changes need to be made and why they are important? 

Did you feel that your acupuncturist cared about you as a patient, or did you feel like a number?

Best Acupuncturist Alexandria


If you have not seen any improvements at all after 3 visits, get another acupuncturist.

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Best Acupuncturist Alexandria

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